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Tennis & Pickleball

A tale of two rackets.

Located adjacent to Camp Lahontan and blessed by an abundance of clear, blue skies are our three outdoor tennis courts and two new pickleball courts.

Go down the street and play.

In a community where relaxation and escape are key components to the Lahontan lifestyle, there’s also the pleasure of working up a nice sweat. And there’s no better place than on those courts that greet you as you enter the community – both tennis courts and pickleball courts alike. You can opt for an intense rally of singles tennis or fire up a fun, lively match of pickleball doubles with friends or family under courts that enjoy equal parts shade and sun. After you’ve had your fill of volleys, simply head to the locker rooms and shower up. Afterward, find your way to Camp Lahontan for a snack and a drink.
Lahontan Tennis and Pickleball

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